Notes Archiver Management Demo

In this video I will give short demo of how you can create read only dumps of any notes database to a files and folder structure on your PC in the formats PDF, HTML or ASPX.

The aspx variant may be used if you want to drag and drop the output to SharePoint.

Lets dump the notes db on my screen to my PC.

Its a typcal Notes application, with multiple views on the left hand side

It has a complex form with many fields, with attachments and tabbed table

I have dumped the Notes app to my C drive in the PDF format.

Now the most important aspect of our software is displayed on my screen, every Notes view the Notes database has is rendered to a PDF file.

You can see that the Notes view in the background is converted to a PDF file, same look and feel.

The orange text are links to other PDF files where the Notes document is rederd in

You can see the complete Notes form with all fields, attachments is listed in this PDF file. The tabbed tables in Notes are listed below each other in this PDF file

The second PDF file displays the second Notes view

On my screen you can see the same Notes database exported in aspx format.

The aspx files are opened in a internet browser

As with the PDF, clicking on a link in the view will open the correspondending Notes document, rendered in aspx

We display links here to open the attachments the Notes document has

The great advantage of our software is the easiness of it. You don’t need to be a Notes designer or a Notes Administrator to carry out the work.