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Convert Notes Database to SQL

Convert Notes database to SQL The IBM Notes Database to SQL migrator tool has been built by Lialis to convert Lotus/IBM/HCL Notes database content of any Notes database design to a SQL database. This tool is designed to convert at high speeds and it is capable of converting the Notes rich text and attachments into […]

File Jockey for HCL Connections

Mobile app support for HCL Connections Connect top mobile business apps like Goodreader and Notability to the files stored in HCL Connections. Delivering the files stored in HCL Connections to your users Windows computers via an ordinary network drive. Feature list Download HCL Connections files directly to iPad, iPhone and Android by using mobile Apps […]

Lotus Quickr Files Downloader

Lotus Quickr Files Downloader ┬áThe Lialis Lotus Quickr file downloader is a Notes client based solution to download files from IBM Lotus Quickr Places to a local disk. Migration of Quickr places can be daunting. We developed this Lotus Quickr file downloader (a Notes application) as a viable and affordable alternative to some of the […]

IBM Connections Files down-loader

IBM Connections Files Attachment Down-loader Lialis has built a great lightweight tool to download all files in one go from IBM / HCL Connections to your computer. The alternative is to use the IBM Connections desktop plugin and copy folder by folder from each community manually to your computer, which will take a lot of […]

HCL Lotus Notes email Folder Restore Tool

Restore deleted HCL Lotus Notes Email folders with just a single mouse click HCL Lotus Notes email restore folder activities are complex and time consuming. The Lialis Folder Restore Tool shortens and simplifies restoring deleted folders from Lotus Notes email files. Implement the Lialis Folder Restore Tool and the next time one of your employees […]

SharePoint alternative for standard IBM Domino Templates

SharePoint alternative for standard IBM Domino Templates IBM/HCL Domino servers contain 3 standard Notes template databases that deliver great Notes document library functions: Teamroom (teamrm9.ntf) Discussion – Notes & Web (discussion9.nsf) Doc Library – Notes & Web (doclbw7.nst) Creating a proper replacement for Notes databases based on these 3 templates using out of the box […]

HCL Notes agenda free busy time sharing to the outside world

HCL Notes agenda free busy time sharing to the outside world It’s a hassle in HCL Notes; planning a meeting with people who can’t see your agenda. Sending emails around with available dates and times. This is now history with Lialis Plan Jockey for HCL Notes and Domino. Lialis Plan Jockey is a website page […]

How to replace a IBM Lotus Domino Notes App with a SharePoint App

Replace your IBM Lotus Domino Notes Apps Over the past decade we have been involved in multiple IBM Lotus Domino IBM Notes application decommission projects. The key challenge in these projects is always to replace IBM Lotus Notes applications that are still actively used with similar functionality on a different platform. Especially when our clients […]

NDDM Technical Manual

NDDM Technical Manual IBM Notes Domino Application Scan and Analysis tool. Optimized for Domino Server decommission projects.   Lialis will always support your Domino Server Application Scan in short daily remote calls to ensure a perfect and swift scan.   Doing a proper Domino scan is challenging. Lialis will support the scan from begin to […]

IONET Notes Database Archiving – Technical Guide for installation, configuration and execution

LotusNotes archiving to SharePoint with IONET Technical Guide for installation, configuration and execution IONET is our preferred solution to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365. With IONET Any Notes database design with ANY Notes database content can easily be archived to SharePoint (Online) (or to disk) because of the great archive result and limited cost […]

Lotus Notes Rich Text Migration to SharePoint

Lotus Notes Rich Text Migration to SharePoint One of the key challenges in the migration of Notes applications to SharePoint are the Rich Text fields in a Lotus Notes Domino document. This blog describes these challenges in more detail and comes up with possble solutions how to deal with these fields in SharePoint. Lotus Notes […]