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IBM Connections Files Attachments Dowloader sales

IBM Connections Files Attachment Down-loader

Lialis has built a great lightweight tool to download all files in one go from IBM / HCL Connections to your computer. The alternative is to use the IBM Connections desktop plugin and copy folder by folder from each community manually to your computer, which will take a lot of your time.

Subsequently its not difficult to upload the files from the computer to a new platform like SharePoint Online using the Microsoft SharePoint migration tool.

Supported IBM Connections versions are:

IBM and HCL Connections On Premise releases R6, R6,5 and R7


License type Price
All files from IBM Connections with 1000 GB download limit € 2.000
All files from IBM Connections with 5000 GB download limit € 5.000
Unlimited data € 7.500


Please contact for an offer.


Extract the download zip file to your PC (any location you like).

Run the ConnectionsDownloader high memory.bat which will run the java program with enough memory allocated.

IBM Connections Files Attachments Dowloader program file

If it does not start please install Java Runtime Environment on the computer which can be downloaded here.

Enter the license key under the menu file License if a license key is available. Without a license key the program will only download the Connections My Files and My Folders.

Enter the IBM Connections server name and your credentials to retrieve the Communities.

IBM Connections Files Attachments Dowloader - setup


IMPORTANT: IBM Connections My Files and My Folders are personal. It’s not possible for an Administrator to download all users’ IBM Connections My Files and My Folders. A possible approach could be to allow the users to use this tool on their computers to download their personal IBM Connections My Files and My Folders. The tool will always first download the users’ My Files and My Folders, this cannot be disabled.

After the My Files and My Folders download has been completed the selected Connections Communities are downloaded. Already downloaded files are skipped when a subsequent download is carried out.

Please contact in case you have questions about this solution.


Connections desktop plugin versus our tool

The IBM Connections plugin allows you to copy all folders from 1 community to your local PC. If you have many IBM Connections HCL Communities this might become too much manual labor. Our tool will download all files from all Communities in one go.

A Lotus Connections community shows the files in the folder Files and the file can optionally be located in a sub folder in Folders.

The big advantage of our tool is that it first downloads all Folders content in the community to your computer. Subsequently the folder Files is downloaded and we skip the files that are already downloaded from a sub folder in the community Folder. In this way there are no double files in Files and Folders downloaded to your PC.

For example, the orange files are stored in a Community Folders and they are listed in the Community Files. The green files are only stored in the Files of the community.

When the Files and Folders are downloaded with the IBM Connections desktop plugin the orange marked files will be stored twice on your PC, in Files and in a sub folder in Folders. With our tool the orange marked files are only downloaded to a sub folder in Folders and they are not downloaded to Files.

Our tool supports the option to skip already downloaded files, this will allow you to do the download of IBM Connections files in multiple stages. The IBM desktop connector does not offer this option. Our tool supports private files share to a community, these files are downloaded.

Thank you for your interest.