Notes2SQL Technical demo

Welcome to this technical demo of Lialis Notes 2 SQL.

Here you can enter the license key, without a key the software runs in a demo mode and the limitation is that there is an increasing delay when sending notes content to SQL. All the other functions are not limited.

Under general setting you can setup the connection to the SQL server.

You can add a one or multiple Notes db to be migrated to SQL, they which must be on the Domino server where Lialis Notes 2 SQL is stored on.

Start application analysis will instruct the Domino server to analyze the Notes db.

The Domino server will run an agent in our software which will carry out the work

All Notes forms used to store the content are listed. I this example I only want to migrate documents to sql based on a certain form, so I disable all other forms.

The next step in the migration is to initialize the SQL database, simply by pressing this menu, the domino server will carry out the work for you.

In this setting all Notes fields are mapped with SQL columns, you may remove fields or alter settings, I keep it unchanged for now.

The next step in the process is that the Domino server will create an empty sql database with all necessary tables and columns based on the settings set in our software

The SQL database has been initialized, so lets migrate the Notes content to the SQL database

As with the previous steps the Domino server will run an agent in our software to carry out the work.

The Notes application settings form shows a complete log of all the work that has been done, including a log on the content migrated to SQL database

In SQL we now see the database created, with all necessary tables and columns.

Here you can see that all 13 Notes documents with all Notes fields have been migrated to the SQL database

The Notes 2 SQL migration agent runs every 15 minutes on the Domino server, it can detect new content in the Notes database and will migrate new content to SQL

I have added a new record to the Notes database by copy pasting an excising one. There are now 14 records in Notes. The new record will be migrated to SQL.

Now there are 14 records in SQL