Notes 2 SQL Introduction

Welcome to this demonstration of our Notes to SQL software.
The purpose of this software is to convert the Notes database content to a SQL database. So only the Notes db content.
The software does not produce an SQL user interface that mimics the Notes application user interface.

This software is mainly used (but not limited) to deliver the Notes db content to a third party solution provider which will use it to migrate the content to an alternative app that runs on SQL.

Let me show the most important functions of this software.

Lialis Notes 2 SQL will analyse your Notes databases and it will give an advice on how the SQL db needs to be configured to receive the content. This means that our tool will create the SQL database with all needed tables and columns. You may disable the migration of certain Notes forms because they do not contain information needed in SQL

Once the configuration of the Notes database conversion is ready the software will create the SQL database with all the necessary columns and tables. So no manual SQL table and columns duties, its all done by the software.

When the SQL db is ready the software will store all the Notes db content in the SQL database, we call this the first content migration run.

In this demo you can see that I have loaded multiple Notes databases to the software, they will all be handled in this way.

Every 15 minutes Notes 2 SQL will check the Notes db’s for modifications like new Notes documents, modified or delete Notes documents, all these changes will be stored in the SQL database.
This means that you have a system that keeps the Notes and SQL databases in sync over a longer period.

Lialis Notes 2 SQL runs on a Domino server which will take care of all the duties, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the analyse and migration steps to be carried out.

Please feel free to download an evaluation version of the software.
Without a license key its will do all the work, only the content migration of Notes to SQL is delayed with an increasing time delay.

The installation and configuration instructions are on this page, I will not explain these in this video

Well, I hope you got an idea what Lialis Notes 2 SQL is, hope you can out it to use in your projects.

Have a great day, thanks the Lialis team.