Microsoft SharePoint O365 alternative for Notes Domino Mail-in database

Microsoft SharePoint O365 alternative for Notes Domino Mail-in database

In Notes Domino, it’s common practice to repurpose Lotus Notes mail-in database applications, such as converting them into service desk applications.

Custom coding is integrated into the IBM Notes mail-in application to enable the team to efficiently manage email questions and issues received from both internal employees and external clients.

Additional fields are incorporated into the memo form within the IBM Notes mail-in application for example, allowing the support desk to track the status of issues reported by clients. Since a IBM Domino mail-in database is fundamentally a Lotus Notes application, it offers extensive custom coding options, including the implementation of workflows and custom automated email responses.

In Notes Domino decommission projects, migrating these customized mail-in applications to M365 Outlook poses challenges due to the inability to implement custom coding within the Outlook group mailbox, as is possible in HCL Notes Domino.

Several companies offer plug-ins for the Windows Outlook client that allow users to manually copy emails to SharePoint. However, these plug-ins may not be compatible with the Outlook web client. In this approach, users are required to manually drag new emails to SharePoint, which can be susceptible to end-user errors.

It is possible to use Power Automate flow to automatically copy emails sent to an M365 group mailbox to a SharePoint list. However, in this approach, the email is stored as an .eml file in the SharePoint library, which may not be easily accessible in a direct format.

Our SharePoint Online alternative for customized Notes Domino Mail-in databases

MetaMail 365 – Shared Mailbox Solution on Microsoft 365 SharePoint Online

Lialis MetaMail 365 is a SharePoint Online application specifically designed to empower teams providing comprehensive e-mail support to their clients (internal and external). It allows you to manage and respond to e-mails as a team, improve service levels and enhance the overall experience.

Features list

MetaMail 365 pulls emails from M365 group mailboxes into the SharePoint application, enabling the team to manage emails effectively. You can add multiple M365 Group mailboxes.

As a result, the group mailboxes are no longer utilized by the team.

The main view displays all incoming emails along with metadata values such as Status, Priority, and Responsible Person, which are set by the employee managing the emails in MetaMail 365.

The image below depicts the incoming email record from the client. Meta values are located at the top of the page, marked in purple, while the email from the client is highlighted in green. The email conversations with this client on this particular topic are accessible in the rightmost part of the screen (marked in blue).

Attachments sent by the client are displayed at the bottom of the form, and a preview is available in the right pane.

All team members can access the conversation history simply by opening the emails sent back and forth.

Replying to the client is easy with the reply button in MetaMail 365.

The new reply is displayed in the right pane

The auto-reply message is configured within the settings of MetaMail 365.


The technology behind this solution

We used the Shareflex business application platform to develop the MetaMail 365 functionality in SharePoint online. If you are interested in more background information about this technology, please visit our website This website is completely dedicated to Shareflex.


Interested in the Lialis MetaMail 365 solution to replace your customized Notes group mail boxes please contact us on here.