Notes OLE objects conversions to normal attachments


What are Notes OLE Objects?

We encounter many OLE objects at our clients when we are engaged in Notes Domino decommission projects.

Users may use the Notes client to create OLE objects, like this

notes ole objects - create image 1

The the user may choose from the following options

notes ole objects - create image 2

The image below displays how an OLE object looks like in a Notes rich text field

notes ole objects example

As you can tell the OLE object does not have a file name in the image, see the image below of a normal attachments which displays a file name

notes ole objects converted to regular attachment

Please view this post if you want to know more technical details on Notes OLE Objects.

Converting Notes OLE Objects to regular files

Our Notes Decommissioning tool NDDM can scan Notes databases for OLE objects and when found it can convert these OLE objects to regular files.

Before conversion

After conversion


An OLE converion log is listed below

09/05/2023 14:44:58 CEDT – OLE update apache start for FSS Tracker Database (App1e!!Development\Sunlife\3680865.nsf)
09/05/2023 14:44:58 CEDT – Using “C:\EAppsCerts\C125897B00477084\OLE\” as work folder
09/05/2023 14:44:58 CEDT – Processing 15 documents for OLE objects
09/05/2023 14:44:59 CEDT – Embedded object found on document “840A92E276B96FE8C12589AA0045FF16” “EXT31040” Rich text item: “Description”
09/05/2023 14:45:02 CEDT – Object extracted
09/05/2023 14:45:02 CEDT – Attaching file: OO2_17B2_000.xlsm from original OLE object EXT31040
09/05/2023 14:45:02 CEDT – Replacing OLE Objects on: “840A92E276B96FE8C12589AA0045FF16
09/05/2023 14:45:02 CEDT – Extracted: 1 OLE objects
09/05/2023 14:45:02 CEDT – Removing OLE Objects from document
09/05/2023 14:45:02 CEDT – Attaching extracted files to document
09/05/2023 14:45:02 CEDT – OLE update apache end for ABCDETracker Database (App1e!!Development\ABCDE\3680865.nsf)