HCL Notes Domino Consultancy

Lialis, your partner in HCL Notes Domino consultancy, areas administration and development.

We are a 4-person strong team with experience dating back to 1996, capable of taking on any IBM Notes Domino-related challenge. Our expertise areas are:

Lotus Notes development, IBM Domino administration, Lotus script development, JavaScript, Java, HTML, C#, SharePoint Online and PNP Powershell.

Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Please check out the top 3 tools and projects we have produced in our long history of Notes Domino projects.

Lialis collaborated with the Kyndryl team on a project to archive 10,000 Notes databases to SharePoint Online. We established a migration farm consisting of 30 Domino servers, which utilized the IONET Pipeliner tool to transfer these 10,000 Notes databases (in parallel) to SharePoint in a read-only format. This extensive migration was successfully completed within a six-month time frame. To facilitate the process, we used NDDM to send the Notes applications archive load to the IONET farm, notify end users of the archive results, and ensure data quality by comparing the content of Notes databases with the output in SharePoint. Over the course of six months, we archived a total of 81 million Notes documents, totalling 25TB in size. This successful project tapped into Lialis’ full spectrum of expertise, ranging from project management to high-end automation tools, HCL Notes Domino, and SharePoint Online, to successfully address an incredibly challenging task.

NDDM, Domino Notes database scanner. The most comprehensive and feature-rich Notes database scanner, this tool incorporates 20 years of Domino Notes knowledge. By the way, Lialis is the only company in the world capable of scanning user activity in Notes databases on Linux Domino servers.

IBM Connections Files Downloader. We are one of the very few companies in the world, aside from HCL, that fully comprehends the HCL Connections REST API for downloading and uploading files. This is primarily due to the incomplete IBM HCL API documentation. Our tool is entirely built in Java.

If it involves HCL Domino or IBM Lotus Notes, we can assist you! Our goal is to deliver high-quality work at a reasonable cost, without unnecessary complexity.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs.

This is why we still love Lotus Notes, and its not dead.

  1. Versatile Platform: Lotus Notes is more than just email; it’s a flexible application development platform that allows for the creation of workflow applications.
  2. Open Development: Applications in Notes incorporate open standard technologies like JavaScript, HTML, Java, and LotusScript, making it adaptable and accessible to developers.
  3. Client and Server: Lotus Notes (client) and Domino (server) work together seamlessly, providing email access and controlling security and access to data.
  4. Backward Compatibility: Lotus Notes maintains remarkable backward compatibility, allowing older applications to run on newer versions without major modifications.
  5. Replication: Notes’ replication feature enables users to work offline and sync data efficiently when connected to the network.
  6. Web Compatibility: Notes applications can be developed for both the client and web browsers, enhancing flexibility.
  7. Adaptability: Despite predictions of its decline, Notes continues to evolve and adapt, integrating with new technologies and providing ongoing value to organizations.