Shareflex Teamroom

This video addresses the question we get from many of our customers;

Can we use SharePoint as a substitute for our Notes Teamrooms and Document Libraries?

The short answer is; ‘Yes You Can’. The solution is the Lialis SharePoint Teamroom which combines the best of both the Notes as well as the SharePoint world.

In the first part of this video we will show you our SharePoint Teamroom solution which is based on Shareflex. The 2nd part explains how we can migrate the content from Notes to SharePoint using a Notes content migration tool.


When we open a SharePoint Teamroom we see the main view that shows the main topics or the parent documents so to say.

When you open a main topic, the Title, Category, Rich Text and Files are all displayed on one single page.

This gives the user a very clear, consolidated overview which wha users will recognize from working with Notes.

You can view a file by clicking on the file icon. A file can be edited by clicking on the file name.

Users can upload files by simply dragging and dropping files into the files area, or by clicking the ‘add’ button.

The beauty is that all files are stored in a SharePoint Document Library. So all great out-of-the-box SharePoint features are available; like sharing and working together online in a document, extensive file search options, versioning, etc.

In the left pane the complete response structure (navigation bar) is displayed, which is a typical Notes Teamroom feature that is not supported in out-of-the-box SharePoint, but is in this solution.

Watch how the response document gets overlaid on the parent document when it is viewed.

Users can make an endless response structure, just as in Notes. Simply select the response document and create a new response to it. All responses are shown in a user friendly manner.

Each response document offers the same Rich Text and file features as the main topic, or the so called parent document.


Similar to Notes, the Lialis SharePoint Teamroom offers a document review cycle workflow for the main topic. When the user chooses a reviewer and submits the topic for review, the reviewer will be notified by email.

When the review task is completed, the author is notified of the outcome, and the review cycle is finished. The workflow history log can be found here.

Notes is great in restricting document access to certain people. The Lialis SharePoint Teamroom solution supports this function as well. The user can enable the ‘Private’ option via this button and select the persons and groups who may view the topic. It will then automatically set the appropriate SharePoint permissions.

When the user disables the Private option, the custom permissions are removed, so topic and response documents will be viewable by all people. Even the Notes Teamroom is not that advanced.

Now its time for the second part of this demo.

The Notes teamroom content migration to the Lialis Teamroom on Shareflex and SharePoint Online

With the Quest Notes Migrator for SharePoint tool we can migrate the Notes Teamroom content into the SharePoint Teamroom.

Quest migrates the Notes main topics and response structures.

In the background you can see the newly migrated main topics appearing 1 by 1 while they are migrated by Quest

I will show you how the tool carries out the migration and how the result is migrated to SharePoint.

So to summarize the Lialis SharePoint Teamroom;

  • Allows easy migration of your Notes teamroom – and document library content and functions into SharePoint.
  • Provides a consolidated overview on one single page
  • Supports all great SharePoint out-of-the-box features (like sharing and working together online in a document, extensive file search options, versioning, etc)
  • Supports the response structure so typical for Notes (not an out-of-the box SharePoint feature)
  • Provides out-of-the box document review workflow
  • Allows to control document access

Since these type of Notes apps are widely used it gives you the opportunity to speed up your Notes decommissioning and offer your end users a great alternative.

Of course in this short timeframe we cannot give you a demo of all Shareflex features. So, if you are interested to learn more please visit our website and ‘hit the contact button’ to book an appointment with one of our experts.

Thanks for your attention and we look forward speaking to you.