FileJockey for HCL Connections

Dear HCL Connections Users,

As you are getting more and more mobile you want to have access to files anywhere, anytime through your mobile device using a mobile app of your choice. Unfortunately, with HCL Connections it is difficult to fill this need.

Therefore, Lialis has developed ‘File Jockey’, a tool that allows you to download or upload files from and to HCL Connections with apps like Goodreader or Notability. Isn’t this great?

In this short movie I will demonstrate how Lialis File Jockey works.

Before we do that, let’s first have a close look at the HCL Connections Mobile app and compare it with using File Jockey in combination with a functionally rich app like Goodreader. In this small comparison we are only focusing on the files function of the HCL Connections app.

The HCL app displays a nice overview of the recent updates. Unfortunately, users can only download 1 file at the time and not the complete HCL Connections community with the HCL app. However, if you are using the Goodreader mobile app in combination with File Jockey, users can sync complete community files and folder structures to their mobile.

We will show you how this works.

For this demo we have created a HCL Community named ‘Lialis’ that stores  files in a folder structure.

I have created a file sync in Goodreader on my iPhone to sync files between the iPhone and the Lialis Connections community.

Now when I select the newly created connection, it will show me the HCL Connections communities and files and folders stored in it.

I browse to the Lialis community,  I click ‘sync’ and finally, I select a location on my iPhone to download and sync the files to.

Now the Goodreader will download all files and folders to my iPhone.

You can see that the sync is completed.

Now let me demonstrate how to  create a new folder on my iPhone to which I will add a few images.

To upload these cat images to the Lialis’ HCL Connections library, all I have to do is click the sync button and the files are uploaded directly to the newly created folder in HCL Connections.

As you can see, the users connected to HCL Connections now will be able to access the new folder with the cat images.

When other persons add files to HCL Connections the sync on the Goodreader app will make sure these files are also downloaded just as easily.

There are many other mobile apps like Goodreader on IOS and Android that support WEBDav. They can be used just as easily to sync files with HCL Connections using  Lialis File Jockey.

We hope you enjoyed this small demo.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via for more information. We hope to speak to you soon.