NDDM Domino Scanner overview

More and more companies decide to clean-up and decommission their legacy Domino Notes environment

We have been fortunate to assist many of these companies over the past decade

To simplify things we have developed NDDM, a Domino Application Server Scan and Analysis tool

NDDM allows you to scan, analyze and classify your Domino environment fully automated within a week, irrespective of the number of Domino servers.

The result is a consolidated overview of all your Notes applications divided in multiple understandable decommission buckets: Replace, Archive or Delete

In this video we give an overview of how you can use NDDM to get the insight you need.

For more details please refer to the NDDM user manual on our website.

The process starts with the automated roll-out of NDDM to all Domino servers in your Domino Domain. This only takes a few minutes to an hour maximum. If you have 1 Domino server this step is obsolete.

NDDM has a very distinctive, easy-to-use configuration panel in which you can set the scan parameters.

It allows you to exclude certain Notes files and folders AND users from the scan to reduce the migration scope.

For example; you don’t want to scan Domino system databases and exclude all unreal users like Domino servers, Admins, Developers etc.

If you set these parameters right you are certain that the scan only returns real Notes database users.

Once the configuration is done the Notes Admin simply instructs all Domino servers to run the User Activity scan in parallel. The Admin can sit back and wait for the results to come in. Normally this takes an hour or so.

Next step is to run the Notes database Content Scan which is done the exact same way as the User Activity Scan. The Content Scan takes a few hours to max 1 day for very large Domino servers.

Since all these scan tasks are carried out in parallel by all Domino servers our tool is blistering fast.

Once the scan is complete you have pulled out all relevant user activity and database content. This data has to be analyzed carefully so you can decide what to do with the databases in the interest of your business users.

Simply press the analysis button and NDDM automatically starts analyzing your databases using build-in algorithms that are adjustable as per your need.

In a few minutes NDDM has classified all your Notes databases in decommission buckets:

A. Replace – without any doubt the Notes database is still actively used by your business
B. Archive – The Notes content is not changed anymore, but people read the content on a regular basis
C. Delete – The Notes database is inactive so it can deleted

It is as easy as that.

If you wish to review the target calculations NDDM allows you to export all content to Excel.

NDDM has multiple additional handy features that are incorporated to make your decommissioning project easier.

You can automatically adjust access (ACL) to multiple Notes Database with one mouse click. For example close the access for those databases that have been targeted for deletion, or set database access to read-only for the Archive targets.

Reversing the ACL settings is easy through the same menu.

When the decommission targets are set its time to reach out to the recent users of the Notes database for confirmation of the calculated target. Involvement of the database users is important in your project so NDDM offers a built-in e-mail tool to run email survey campaigns.

We will show you a mailing example:

For example you want to reach out to all users of databases that you think can be archived.

In ‘Send To’ we have selected ‘Unique Users’. This means the email will be sent to recent users of the Notes database.

Above email can be sent to the owners of all Notes databases with the target ‘Archive’. Simply select the Notes databases you want to send the mailing to.

Then click this menu action to choose the email template. The template is configured in such a way that it automatically picks up relevant data such as name of the database, last day read, etc. Click ‘send’ and wait for the users to get back to you with the requested information. Based on the input from the user you can adjust the decommission target if needed.

Doing a proper Domino scan and analysis is a challenging but crucial step to reduce the migration effort. Therefore Lialis will not only deliver the tool but can also support you from start to finish to ensure a perfect result.

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