Lotus Notes CSV Export

Lotus Domino script snippet for Lotus Notes CSV export

This code exports selected/all Notes documents to CSV.

The code can be run manually on selected documents, or scheduled on all documents in the database
EXPORT_StartScheduled, run by a scheduled agent, exports all documents to a CSV file.
EXPORT_CallExportOnClient, exports selected documents to a CSV file on a selected location on the client, client-based.

The fields to be exported are defined in the CSV_MAPPING.
Constants to define in (Declarations):
CSV_MAPPING – define: CSV column header 1; Notes field Name 1; Type | CSV column header 2; Notes field Name 2; Type |… etc.
Type 2 = Integer
Type 3 = Long
Type 7 = Date
Type 8 = String

The view to select Notes documents is defined in constant VIEW_DATABASE_INFO