IBM Notes Domino Application Scan & Analysis Tool

Completely Automated and Blistering Fast


NDDM – Notes Domino Application Scan and Analysis Solution

NDDM, short for ‘Notes Domino Decommissioning Method’, has been designed to help you understand the scope and magnitude of your Domino migration project. We optimized NDDM database scanner during many Domino decommission projects we conducted over the past decade. Some highlights of NDDM are:

    • Years of Notes Domino application scanning experience incorporated
    • Fully Automated Scan and Analysis 
    • Catered for large Domino Environments
    • Automatic placement of all Notes databases in buckets:
        1. Replace – Notes database is actively in use (content modified)
        2. Archive – Notes database content not modified, only read
        3. Delete – Notes database is not used at all
    • Extra functions
        1. Notes application ACL close/read-only
        2. Notes application design string scan
        3. Find Notes applications send out emails with links to Notes app, workflow apps
        4. Determine Notes db for author and reader fields details
        5. Determine top 5 users in past x months to be used in the NDDM email survey tool

Please check out this reference page for a sample client overview.

Lialis NDDM will result in a reduced replace and archive scope – hence saving cost

The Fundamentals of the Notes database scan

The image below shows how NDDM scans the Notes Domino application. For accurate Domino server migration scan results its important to exclude all non end users from the Notes database User Activity scan.