End user computer based Notes mail archive NSF file upload to Outlook (Office 365)

  • Posted by Marten Vosmer
  • March 18, 2019
  • Outlook

During IBM Notes / Domino decommissioning projects we often come across users that still have PC based Notes mail archive files (NSF) that were not yet migrated to Outlook (Online).

To ensure a qualitative and seamless migration we use the IONET Notes Archiver software (‘IONET Archiver’) in our projects. The advantage of this tool is that, once configured, it automatically uploads the local NSF Notes  mail files/archives to the Outlook (Online) archive folder. The IONET Archiver can also be used to upload PC based PST mail files to Outlook.

The IONET Archiver is installed and configured on a new IBM Domino server that is created in the Azure cloud (sound easy, but it’s not).

To start the Notes mail archive upload the users are instructed to click on a link, for example notes://DominoServerInTheCloud/ClientAutomation.nsf. This link will open the users Notes client which will subsequently open the Client Automation Notes application on the Domino server in the cloud.

Client Automation

The Client Automation is responsible for:

  • Finding all Notes databases on the users Notes data folder that have Notes emails.
  • Decrypting emails in all Notes databases found
  • Uploading all emails to the Domino server in the cloud
  • Carrying out instructions from central administration, redo certain tasks like re-scan Notes databases or check if all emails where uploaded correctly.

The Client Automation code is automatically added to the log.nsf Notes database on the users Notes client and this code is scheduled to run each 15 minutes. In this way the upload will run 100% in the background of the Notes client. The upload of emails has been designed to deal with users who close laptop lids when they need to without be worrying on how well the upload is going.

When the Notes client mail upload is completed the Administrator can review the upload to check if all emails where uploaded without errors, and if needed, can instruct the Notes client to redo the email upload a second time. If all emails where uploaded correctly the admin can set the user as “complete”.

Setting a user to complete will instruct the IONET Archiver to make sure the uploaded Notes emails are migrated to Outlook (Online).

Upload of Notes emails to Outlook.

The result of the Client Automation is a single Notes mail file on the Domino server in the cloud for each user. So multiple PC based mail files are combined in 1 NSF (including folder structures). Some archives can be very large.

Now the IONET Archiver will:

  • Convert each NSF file to a PST file on the Domino server local drive
  • Issue a power shell command to upload the PST file to a Azure BLOB storage
  • Issue a power shell command to upload the PST file located in Azure BLOB storage to the users Outlook Archive

The PC based Notes email upload to the Domino server in the cloud is the most challenging part. Users keep switching of the Notes client resulting in stopped uploads. Users will need to be instructed on this.

Once the Client Automation upload is completed the conversion to PST and the upload to the Outlook online archive works seamlessly with limited administration duties.

This Archiving solution is based on a one-time license per user.

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