Lialis Quest NMSP views is added to the Quest NSMP tool version 6.15

In our Notes Application Decommissioning Projects we always use migration tools that, in our experience, are ‘best-fit-for purpose’. For Notes databases that a client wishes to continue using in SharePoint (Online) the original Notes content needs to be migrated.  For these type of Migrations we use Quest Migrator for Notes to SharePoint (‘MNSP’). Lialis is a certified Quest partner and in this capacity we are involved in many projects were Quest is positioned.

Although Quest is a sophisticated migration tool there are always exceptions since Notes is a functionally rich platform. Over the years we have developed a number of MNSP views to make the migration of Notes content easier.

These Lialis NMSP views are a set of Notes views to be added to the Notes database that you wish to migrate. The goal of these views is to analyse the Notes database content in such a way that the Quest migration jobs can be adjusted to deal with the Notes database content exceptions. This will safe a lot of time and money in the Notes migration to SharePoint (Online).

Recently (November 2019) Quest released version 6.15 of Quest MNSP. Thanks to our partnership with Quest the Lialis MNSP views have been included in this new version.

This link will lead you to the Quest release page.

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Notes Migrator for SharePoint Views