The Complete details on Notes Application Decommission Projects

We have been advising clients on Notes application decommissioning projects for several years now. In the picture below the complete process is outlined – we hope this will help you in similar projects. Obviously, we love to help you, please contact us here.  .

Know about IBM Lotus Notes/Domino versus Microsoft SharePoint

To gain a full understanding of this crucial product comparison, it is important to know the perspective of the person writing this kind of Lotus Notes versus SharePoint comparison. Is he working for a certain vendor or is he partial towards that vendor? This is my background. I started as a Domino consultant back in 1996 and I know from direct first-hand experience exactly what Domino can do. However, because the Domino market is declining rapidly I recently started working with SharePoint too. Early in 2014 I was hired to migrate a large company from Notes apps to SharePoint apps....

A Detailed Study on IBM Notes Database Archiving to Sharepoint

In IBM Notes environment decommission projects clients have different options what to do with the Notes databases. Some will be deleted. Other databases still in use will be migrated to SharePoint (Notes content and functionality). There is always a group of Notes databases that are no longer actively used, but the content cannot be deleted. For these databases, the content can be archived to SharePoint. This means that, in a cost-effective way, the Notes content will be stored in SharePoint or on a disk drive. In the archive approach, the Notes functionality will no longer be available. The bottom line....