A Comprehensive Webinar on Domino Transition to Microsoft

Please find below the webinar recording, slides and supporting information.

Presenters and

The purpose of this webinar is to share with you our experience and methodology to migrate your IBM Notes mail – and applications onto the Microsoft platform (O365).

Rob Walton and I can be considered as true domain experts in the Notes migration space. Our skill-set is fully complementary, each focusing on a different (technical) areas of Notes Migrations onto the MS platform. Rob addressing mail migrations and me Notes application migrations hence covering the full spectrum as a team.
Rob successfully completed over 30 Domino to Exchange / O365 mail migration projects, ranging from 100 to 14000 mailboxes.

Marten Vosmer worked in 25 Notes application migration projects over the past 5 years with different complexity. Varying from small Notes document library migration projects to large Notes database archive projects and very complex Notes application migrations taking months of lead time. In these projects, I have fulfilled different roles. My role varied from taking full ownership onto an advisory role assisting large companies how to start and also to execute their complex Notes app migration projects.

Doing all these different projects we developed our own approach which we are anxious to share with you today in the hope you can benefit.