Getting access to Lialis Quest NMSP knowledge base

  • Posted by Marten Vosmer
  • March 19, 2019
  • Quest NMSP

Undoubtedly Quest NMSP (Migrator for Notes to SharePoint) is the best tool for Notes database content migration to SharePoint (Online) and to disk.

Quest NMSP is great, its stunning, it has never let us down in migration projects. However, it took some time before we could take full advantage of its capabilities. Reason?

Quest NMSP is a big toolbox. If you don’t know how to work with the tools it’s a challenge to deliver decent migrations

The way data is processed and presented in Notes differs from SharePoint, so without proper migration jobs it’s impossible to move content 1:1 to SharePoint. Surely NMSP comes with a few out of the box migration jobs, however, reality is that we never use these since they don’t fit the Notes application we have to migrate. Therefore, we have built and documented our own NMSP migration jobs as part of the migration projects we have done over the past 6 years. In this post we explain a few of our most used Quest migration jobs. It will give you an impression how complex Notes to SharePoint application migrations are due to the intrinsic differences between the two solutions.

To help you make your Notes to SharePoint migration project less daunting we are currently setting up a ‘Lialis NMSP Knowledge Base’ which we will launch soon. A paid subscription will give you access to a vast number of pre-built Quest NMSP migration jobs and a discussion area. If you cannot wait please contact us here and we will make sure you will get access to the repository soon.