Notes Migrator for SharePoint Views

In the Rich Text migration blog, we already mentioned the Notes database ‘NMSP Views’. This database contains a set of views that can be pasted into the source database, to provide insight into the database content and structure. The information you retrieve from these views, enables you to decide which migration approach suits your goal best. This blog will present an overview which information you can retrieve from these views. ‘Notes Migrator for SharePoint (NMSP) Views’ is an empty Notes database that contains a set of Notes views. You can paste these views into a source database to get a....

Notes rich text migration to SharePoint (online)

The Notes client is very powerful in its rich text functions. The rich text field in a Notes document allows users to combine: text (all sorts of fonts) images tables expandable sections attachments OLE embedded attachments links / hotspots to Notes document or other destinations and much more stuff I am sure The Notes Rich Text field is stored on a Notes form, together with other fields (text, choice, date and much more) that are used as metadata. The SharePoint counterpart of a Notes Rich Text field is a Rich Text enhanced multi-line column that you can add to your....

Getting access to Lialis Quest NMSP knowledge base

  • Posted by Marten Vosmer
  • March 19, 2019
  • Quest NMSP

Undoubtedly Quest NMSP (Migrator for Notes to SharePoint) is the best tool for Notes database content migration to SharePoint (Online) and to disk. Quest NMSP is great, its stunning, it has never let us down in migration projects. However, it took some time before we could take full advantage of its capabilities. Reason? Quest NMSP is a big toolbox. If you don’t know how to work with the tools it’s a challenge to deliver decent migrations The way data is processed and presented in Notes differs from SharePoint, so without proper migration jobs it’s impossible to move content 1:1 to....